Welcome to Branson Chiropractic!

Almost regardless of your condition, there are lots of different doctors who can help you. And because there are so many doctors and clinics, finding the right doctor for you can be difficult.

So how do you know if a doctor or clinic is right for you?

The doctor you choose should make YOU the center of care and always be willing to take the time to LISTEN. They should be willing to do the best job they can to help you get well. This only happens when doctors have a genuine compassion for helping people who are in pain. In my experience, the best doctors have a 'calling', meaning they have an attitude of serving others which called them to become a doctor. A doctor with a calling, in my experience, is a doctor who will work the hardest to help you! So if you want to find the best doctor for you, in my experience the most important question you can ask a doctor is:       

"Why did you become a doctor?"

MY STORY:                                                                                 In 1981, I started having relentless migraine headaches. Nothing helped with the pain. No one seemed to be able to help me. My mother and father watched helplessly for a year as I suffered with pain. They took me to all sorts of doctors and clinics who ran tests, but could do nothing to help the migraines. I missed out on an entire year of my life because of the pain. I prayed every day for God to take away the pain. Finally, my prayers were answered one day when my father took me to the chiropractor. After I started getting treatments, pretty soon the headaches were completely gone. In 1982, realizing that chiropractic had given me my life back, I made up my mind that I was going to be a chiropractor and do for others what had so graciously been done for me. I've given my life to being the best chiropractor I can be. I hope that my experience, heart and dedication to helping others will be the reason that you choose this clinic.

At my clinic, patient members are have inspired me with their courage and their dedication to getting well. My patient members are not just a concern....they're the sole reason I'm here! That's why at my office you will always be treated with respect, courtesy and honesty. At Branson Chiropractic, you will never be "just another patient", you will never be a number...you are unique and your care will be unique as well!

My goal is to help you restore your health as quickly as possible so that you can get back to living your life with renewed vigor and health! It is MY honor and privilege to be your healthcare provider and I think you'll be so impressed with your care, that just like other patient members, you'll refer your friends and families as well! Whether just looking to get out of pain, or correcting the cause of your pain, chiropractic can help and we look forward to assisting you!      


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